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Burden Lake Country Club Members

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This season has been a Roller Coaster year. The weather did not cooperate in the springtime but the summer was sunny, hot and humid. This year reminded me of the summers that we had in the late 80's. Back then the course would totally burn out and we actually used an old fire truck to get water from the lake and pump on the greens. A lot has changed in the last 20+ years at Burden Lake Country Club.

In comparison to last year we managed to have a couple more tournaments. This added income is a necessity due to the fact the economy has affected our daily greens fees for the past couple of years. The Restaurant has continued to grow and we have made some improvements that have allowed us to serve more customers while keeping the quality at a high level and the prices still very reasonable.

The Membership is as strong as ever before. At this time, we have a majority of individual Members but the husband/ wife membership has been growing at a steady pace. The Member Leagues and Tournaments have been growing and I believe the tournaments have become a main focus to a lot of you. As a semi-private golf club we are dependant on outside play but we control the times that are available and Members get up to 7 days in advance to sign up. With the economy being so fragile we expect to get even more new members that see the value in a BLCC Membership.

As far as the future of the golf course, we are planning to restructure our mortgage by the spring of 2012. We will not be starting any projects until this is complete. We have a good relationship with First Niagara Bank and we have other local banks that are interested. We plan to include the cost of paving the rest of the golf cart paths as well as expanding our kitchen. The Town of Nassau has been working with a private group seeking to build up to 48 Town Houses near the maintenance area. This will not disrupt the golf course, but we will plan to build a new maintenance facility plus the development of #9 as a par 4 (finishing near the driving range tee). We plan to have an agreement signed by this fall. The Town Houses will be offered to the membership first before they go public. More details will be released as soon as we have the information. We look forward to the future and plan to keep moving in the right direction. Thanks for all your support and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.


--- Thomas Choquette

Burden Lake Country Club is a semi-private golf course at this time which means that we offer daily rates as well as a membership rate. For the past 25 years we have been fairly successful staying semi-private. There are no minimums and we offer member discounts throughout the year. Members are given the opportunity to charge in house as well as at some of the areas best private courses. We are affiliated with the NYSGA, USGA, NWEGA, NENYGCOA, NENYPGA and the ENYGA.
Burden Lake Country Club offers many types of memberships including family, individual, junior, senior and more. Memberships include unlimited greens fees, preferred tee times, access to member leagues, member tournaments and great people.

The Champions Cup, Member Guest, Stroke Play Championship, Member Member (The Rebellion), Club Championship, Mixed Member are examples of member tournaments held throughout the year.


2015 Membership Rates and Application

(Discounted rates paid in full by)
Updated 9/6/2012
Type (Paid in full) Rate Paid in full by
Payment Plan*
Junior (17 & under) 775 725 125
Senior (60 & over) 1900 1750 315
Senior Couple 2700 2550 450
Adult 1975 1850 325
Adult & Junior 2600 2450 430
Husband & Wife 2800 2650 465
Family (1 Child) 3200 3050530
Family (2 Children) 3400 3250 565
Corporate (4 Ind) 6100 5950 1010
* The Payment Plan is based on 6 payments due the 15th of April, May, June, July, August and September

Regripping Specials.

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2013 Awards

BLCC Tournaments

Spring Captain & Crew

 Bissaillon, Bissaillon, Trumbull & O'Dell (62 Gross)

 Sennett, Rutnik, Smith & Geatani (57 Net)

Spring Guest Day

  Cooney & Gladysz (71 Gross)

  Keeler & Bowerfind (59 Net)

Spyder Wilson Golf Day

  Robinson, Quinn, Andrews & Quillinan (58 Gross)

  Halpin, Giuliano, Danish & Carey (55 Net)

Member-Member Par 3 Tourney

  Cooper & Simon (23)

  Quinn & Keeler (24)


 Trumbull & Burke (161 Gross)

Fasoldt & George (126 Net)

Cooney & Ireland (138 Gross)

 Martinage & Engel (119 Net)

Mixed Member-Member

 Choquette & Blydenburgh (67 Gross)

 Fisher & Cushing (61.6 Net)

Fall Guest Day

Toth & Balander (72 Gross)

Toth & Pfaff (57 Net)

Stroke Play Tournament

Ladies Championship- Heather Morrison

Men's Championship- Dan Ireland

Men's 1st Flight- Jack Rodzwell

Men's 2nd Flight- Ron Lorette

Ladies 1st Flight- Donna Heskett

Club Championship

Ladies Championship- Heather Morrison

Ladies 1st Flight- Laurie Furlong

Ladies 2nd Flight- Deb Jewell

Men's Championship- Cody Bielawa

Men's 1st Flight- Archie Robinson

Men's 2nd Flight- Jay Zalucky

Men's 3rd Flight - Peter Toth

Men's 4th Flight- Angelo DeGenero

Men's Senior Champ- Steve Quillinan

Men's Senior 2nd- Mark Miller

Men's Senior 3rd- Ralph Robertson